A little about our history...


Founded in 2005, Higueral Produce’s associates have extensive experience in the wholesale produce industry going well beyond the company’s founding. Our years of experience have given us a unique insight into the importance of ensuring produce quality and adherence to best handling practices. It is that understanding and focus that has allowed us to deliver produce that is consistent with the highest standards of quality, year after year.  

 Higueral Produce is a premium wholesale produce supplier specializing in peppers and mangoes. We offer a wide range of chilies, including jalapeno peppers, Serrano peppers, Caribe peppers, Anaheim peppers, Pasilla peppers and tomatillos. We also supply Roma tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. 

In addition to offering wholesale produce, we also offer bulk ordering of pre-prepared produce for direct processing. We provide specialized jalapeno varieties for direct processing, including ball park varieties and pace varieties.  

Our produce is primarily sourced from locations in Northern Mexico, including Senora and Sinaloa. Our mangoes, however, are sourced from a variety of locations throughout Mexico, including Oaxaca, Chiapas, Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa.   Higueral Produce offers fast shipping and distribution to locations across the country. We are fully certified by Primus, HACCP, GlobalGAP and the USDA as a wholesale food distributor. Additionally, we have offices based locally in Nogales, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; and McAllen, Texas.   

At all of our warehouses and produce preparation facilities, we strictly adhere to all of the standards set forth by Primus, HACCP, GlobalGAP and the USDA. We also use the latest technology for loading and unloading produce to maintain the high quality of our products. Currently, our Nogales, Arizona, location is operated out of one of our newest warehouses with modern features that meet all of the standards and requirements set forth by the produce processing industry.